New Orleans Artist LuckyLou releases New Single “Roses”

Recording Artist Jermy Earl Tassin, better known as LuckyLou, has released the first single “Roses” featuring Odd Beeno off his upcoming EP of the same name.

When asked about what inspired the single he stated,

“Roses was inspired from the death of Nipsey Hustle. It’s concept is appreciate people while they here on earth and give them their roses while they are breathing. “

So many artists, especially in the music industry, contribute greatly to the world and their work is not appreciated or respected until they leave this earth. Nipsey Hustle is one sad example of that. Hustle was an American rapper, activist, and entrepreneur who dedicated his life to creating opportunities in his own neighborhood of Hyde Park in southern Los Angeles. Hustle was killed in the parking lot of his store, Marathon Clothing, on March 31, 2019. His death inspired an array of love for the artist including the intersection where his store was located being renamed Ermias “Nipsey Hussle” Asghedom Square, multiple memorials and tributes including one at the Grammys, over 50 murals of Hustle painted around Los Angeles and even book clubs around the country formed to read his favorite books. This all sounds like people really believed in Hustle, but where was that kind of attention and appreciation when he was alive?

Most people jumped on his (Hustle) bandwagon when he died and really didn’t support him. It’s something we need to talk about in the music community because I seen it done so many times. – LuckyLou


Roses is well versed and is a call for people to stop waiting until tragedy strikes to acknowledge and support artists.

“Just give me roses while a ni**a still breathing, I’m the one they hating on they don’t believe me. Just give me my roses. Don’t wait till I’m gone. You can keep that fake love while I sit on this throne. “ (Lyrics from Roses)

LuckyLou’s upcoming EP Roses features five tracks and “is about a rose that bloomed from concrete. It’s about growth, elevating and going to another level!” (Oh and I heard it from the grapevine that there just might be a bilingual track…)

You can listen to Roses on Soundcloud here and be sure to go follow LuckyLou on Instagram here.


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