3 Simple Hacks to Help You Feel Better About Yourself Today (DAY #4 OF STOP YOUR INNER NAYSAYER WITH SELF LOVE SERIES)

Self-love is a journey. It doesn’t come easily or quickly for most of us. Learning to love, care for, and respect ourselves takes time and dedication. It’s a process that comes with ups and downs. You’ll have some rough days, and you’ll want to throw in the towel. After all, many of our negative beliefs and habits have been ingrained in us throughout our whole lives.

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Yesterday, I shared that self-love doesn’t have a definite definition and it is different for each person. I hope you have taken the time to define what what it means to you. Today, I am going to be giving you three hacks to help boost your self-love right now.

Self-love is a journey. It doesn’t come easily or quickly for most of us. Learning to love, care for, and respect ourselves takes time and dedication. It’s a process that comes with ups and downs. You’ll have some rough days, and you’ll want to throw in the towel. After all, many of our negative beliefs and habits have been ingrained in us throughout our whole lives. It will take time and practice to overcome these habits and start treating yourself with love. However, there are some simple hacks you can do to get started on the right foot and start feeling better about yourself today. Check them out.

Treat Yourself Like a Friend

One quick way to begin to show yourself some love is to treat yourself the way you would treat a friend or loved one. If you catch yourself repeating negative messages or putting yourself down, take time to consider whether you’d talk to someone you care about in such a manner. If not, you definitely shouldn’t be treating yourself with such disdain. After all, a core component of self-love is self-care. Caring about yourself isn’t selfish. It shows that you understand your worth and that you value who you are as a person. Try to take note when you start spouting negative self-talk. Then change it around to something more positive. Treat yourself with as much compassion as you would treat a friend.

Understand Your Triggers

We all have triggers that can elicit a reflexive reaction in us. When you find yourself feeling irritable, annoyed, hurt, or angry by something someone says or does, take time to consider why it is you’re feeling that way. This type of insight and self-awareness can truly help you to be more understanding and nurturing with yourself. It can also provide the knowledge you need to push past those triggers and to feel more at ease with yourself

Look Outside Yourself

It may sound counterintuitive but looking outside yourself at ways you can help others is a fantastic way to help yourself feel better. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and to wallow in our own problems. In fact, it’s only human to do so. However, you can break out of such negative patterns by proactively looking for ways you can make a difference to someone else. Even the smallest steps can help. For example, taking time to listen to a friend’s problem can help you to feel more connected to them and to feel proud that you were able to be there for them. It can also help to put some of your own life’s issues into perspective. Find ways to look outside yourself if you find you need a quick pick-me-up.

Keep these tips in mind to help you feel better about yourself when you’re in a funk. These simple things can help put you on the fast track to self-love.

You are beautiful and you are enough.

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Define Self-Love (Day #3 of Stop Your Inner Naysayer with Self Love Series)

Good morning beautiful and happy day 3!

Now that you have an understanding of the negativity that can hold you back from loving yourself fully, it’s time to focus on what self-love really means. While there is no universally accepted definition, today’s post will give you a clearer idea of what it encompasses and how to cultivate habits that will ultimately lead to helping you embrace self-love in your daily life. Keep reading to find out more.


About Self-Love

There are a lot of misconceptions about self-love that might make it difficult for you to accept that the concept is one that’s actually good for you. When people hear the term “self-love,” they often think that it means being overly fixated on yourself or narcissistic. That’s not the case at all. What self-love means is simply having a positive regard for yourself. It involves caring about your health, happiness, and well-being. It also requires you to avoid sacrificing yourself for others or settling for less than you deserve. These are all perfectly acceptable, even desirable, actions.


Habits of Self-Love

There are some habits you can adopt that might help you to better practice self-love. One way to do it is to stop being so concerned with others. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care for other people. However, it does mean it’s best to stop worrying about what others think or comparing yourself to others. Instead, it’s okay to center yourself sometimes. Also, remember it’s okay to make mistakes. Everyone does. Mistakes allow you to grow. Another habit of self-love is to trust your own decisions. Second guessing invalidates your feelings or worth. Finally, being kind to yourself is one of the most important habits associated with self-love. Remember to treat yourself as kindly as you would treat someone you care about.

Ways to Cultivate Self-Love

29be767f7d0547ddba5aabfb4a488b77_growing-flower-clipart-clipartxtras_600-360There are some specific steps you can take to cultivate self-love. I’ll share just a few here.

For one, it’s important to pay attention to the messages you tell yourself. When you catch yourself saying something negative, take a moment to reframe that message. For example, instead of saying, “I’ll never get the promotion,” consider changing it to a more positive statement such as, “I have the qualifications for this job, and I won’t know if I can get it unless I try.”

Another way to gain more self-love is to engage in self-care. Eat well, take time to rest, and enjoy leisure activities. When you feel recharged, you’re better able to manage life.

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How Negativity Impacts Your Mind & Body (Day #2 of Stop Your Inner Naysayer with Self Love Series)

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Yesterday, I talked about how important self-love is to your every day life and why you  need to embrace it to be able to manifest the life you desire. If you didn’t get a chance to read it yet, click here.

Today, I am going to touch the surface on how negativity prevents you from living your best life and in the coming days we will take a journey towards living a positive and intentional life of manifestation.


Self-love embraces positive thinking and feeling good about yourself. Unfortunately, negativity can really get in the way of this. All sorts of negative thoughts and emotions about who you are as a person have probably been ingrained in you since birth. Outside influences impact our thinking about ourselves, and we begin to internalize the limiting beliefs we’ve been given. In order to practice self-love, you need to understand how negativity can impact your mind and your body. Once you do, you can work to overcome those toxic thoughts.

High Chronic Cortisol Levels Predict Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) in Seniors

Raises Cortisol Levels

Cortisol is often referred to as the stress hormone. That’s because its levels in the brain increase in response to stress. Negative thoughts or exposure to negative people and situations can cause stress. So when you allow yourself to focus on negativity, you’re bound to experience a boost in cortisol. This can lead to a number of unwanted effects. Just some examples include impaired cognitive function, lowered thyroid function, and imbalances to blood sugar.


Risk of Stroke

Negativity can be linked to all sorts of health risks. One of these is increased risk of stroke. The system within your body that responds to stress is called the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal (HPA) axis, and it is often activated by negative emotions. This boost in activity has been linked to risk factors associated with stroke.


Limiting Beliefs

The more you encounter negative thoughts, the more you’re likely to believe them. In turn, your actions will reflect that thinking. Your life can be limited in so many ways by negativity. This type of thinking becomes ingrained and feeds upon itself. You’ll notice that you begin to have more and more self-defeating thoughts in the future. It can even usher in depression. It’s a toxic cycle, but it is breakable.


Triggered Flight or Fight

The flight or fight response that comes from being exposed to danger can be triggered by negativity. When you’re continually exposed to stress and negativity, your brain can begin to perceive these states as a threat. In response, adrenaline will flood through your body. This leads to heightened anxiety and could even induce a panic attack.

These are just a few examples of the ways in which negativity can impact your brain and body. Hopefully, you now have even more motivation to begin the process of embracing self-love so that you can combat these issues.



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Why It’s Important to Embrace Self-Love (Day #1 of Stop Your Inner Naysayer with Self Love Series)

Hello beautiful!

Throughout this month I am focusing on helping you grow your self-love and stop that little negative voice in your head that is constantly telling you that you aren’t good enough or that you don’t have what it takes to live the life you desire. I am dedicating this month to all things self-love. You’ll discover what self-love means and how to express it. We’ll also cover techniques for increasing your self-confidence and appreciation of yourself. There’s so much to consider with regard to learning to love yourself, and the benefits are numerous.

3-1-20 1Self-love is really a fairly simple concept. It refers to the ability to regard yourself positively in a variety of aspects. When you embrace self-love, you think highly of your appearance and body image, as well as mental and emotional characteristics. You accept yourself as you are, but you are also excited about growing and improving every day. Self-acceptance doesn’t rely on waiting until “someday” to start living and enjoying your own company.

There are so many benefits to self-love. When you truly love yourself, you’re more satisfied with your life. You’ll see that you have agency and are in charge of the ways in which you choose to respond to what happens to you. This also leads to greater self-esteem. You’ll have better relationships with others when you’re comfortable with yourself, too. That’s because you won’t be worried about or negatively affected by their opinion of you. You’ll also have the self-worth required to create boundaries and stand up for yourself when you’re not heavily invested in how others see you.

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Loving yourself makes self-care easier because you’ll understand that you deserve to expend energy, time, and resources on yourself as much as you do on others. You’ll also be more likely to pursue your goals with gusto when you view yourself as worthy of attaining them. When something negative does occur in your life, you’ll be better able to handle it due to your reserve of confidence. You’ll be more optimistic when facing hurdles instead of feeling overwhelmed and defeated.

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In addition to being able to handle obstacles more easily, self-love can help you to better handle rejection. If you’re turned down for a job or a date, you won’t feel as hurt because your identity and self-worth don’t depend on that outside influence. You’ll simply have improved life satisfaction in general when you learn to love yourself and to accept your own value.

Now that you have an idea of some of the benefits that come from loving yourself, you’re ready to move on and discover some ways to embrace the concept and make it a part of your everyday life. Each day that you practice self-love (and self-acceptance) , you’ll come closer to incorporating these values into your own life and feeling more comfortable with the belief that you’re as worthwhile as the people you take care of every day.

Stay tuned each day this month for more body positivity and self-love. There is no better time to grow who you are as a woman (from the inside out) than now. Make sure that you are following the conversation in my group HERE and follow my Instagram for more inspiration.